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Rohan Singh- Indian Calisthenics Artist

‘You’ve got one life! Train hard and make sure it’s epic!’ A perfect thought from Rohan Singh, who has found a way to make sure his life is pretty similar to these words.

Rohan Singh At Elysium Calisthenics Park (Malad West)

Irresistibly, he has been able to achieve this through his long cherished dream. He is the founder of ‘All India Strength Wars,’ the first Calisthenics event in India. A year back, he and his friends started with Elysium Calisthenics Park- the first Calisthenics Training Park in India; an outdoor gymnasium that is located in Malad west, Mumbai.

Elysium and All India strength wars- A dream come true

Calisthenics-An exercise form for body fitness and grace of movement is what he has always been in love with and he loves training others on the same.The park hosts All India Strength Wars Competition, which provides immense opportunities to young fitness freaks to show off their skills and talent. Initially, there were a lot of hiccups, but Rohan was always sure of success coming his way. Today, it is the first and yes, one of the best in India.

He says what makes Elysium exclusive and different than rest of the workout places is the fact that not the same usual workout happens here; it is very different and unique! It is fun when you are being creative and different with your workout. Then it just isn’t an exercise form; it is an art.

His professes simple tenets-‘Do what it takes, work for it and no matter what, stick to the plan. One has to be physically strong, mentally stronger.’ Quite upbeat on the fact that he would be able to motivate more people to step in Calisthenics, he sees himself being the fitness role model for the world very soon. He is very certain that few years down the line he foresees his park making headway as a brand as well besides just being a community gymnasium.

‘If done with consistency, the results of this absorbing exercise form can be truly amazing.’ He insists.

Besides carrying an ambition to become a fitness role model, he also is an avid dancer and has been into dancing for over six years. This art form is also very close to his heart and he loves to explore this craft whenever he finds time.

Rohan’s Journey with Steam Press Shoe Laundry

“I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes.” Oprah Winfrey.

Rohan loves to own many pairs and his favorites are Puma Pacer edition and Nike Tanjun.

‘Feet are the base where all the energy comes from.’ Rohan uprightly believes in. The profession and passion he has delved into, clean feet and thus clean footwear is not just a need but a habit that he had to invest into. Dancing and exercising both require a good and a clean pair of shoes for a good vibe to set in. Shoe washing services for Rohan is imminent.

At times he has been unable keep his shoes clean and Calisthenics does require shoe washing services at regular intervals.Calisthenics being an outdoor workout at times, it is hard to keep shoes clean when you spend most of the time on sand or rough muddy surfaces. And you do not find shoe washing services at every nook and corner of the city; not the best ones at-least. He had been looking out for something that could take care of his shoe cleaning since then, they are an integral part of his daily routine.

When he found Steam Press Shoe Laundry, he realized they have taken the weight of that one task that kept him worried at times. For quite some time he has been using steam press that also specialize in suede shoe cleaning which is one of the services that the city definitely needs; hence his worries now quite cornered.

A phenomenal journey amidst few set-backs and injuries, Rohan has taken it all in his stride for he believes that they are a part of this game. A heart that has faith in‘Share and spread happiness mantra’, Rohan is happy to talk about his experience of one of the best shoe laundry in Mumbai that has relieved him of his qualms about his soiled shoes.

Calisthenics on National Television- A super proud moment!

Participation on National Television is going to be the latest feather in their cap. They are going to be a part of India’s Got Talent TV show very soon. The entire team has worked very hard and they feel it has been extremely rewarding moment.

They hope to make the best of this event thus bring in Calisthenics to the entire world through national television.

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