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How did my Adidas Superstar sole turn yellow ?

You have an Adidas superstar and after a few months the sole of the shoe has started to turn yellow. And you don't want to step out with yellow shoes.


You must we wondering what could you have done right to prevent soles from turning yellow. Well there is nothing you can do. This process of yellowing is called oxidation and happens no matter the way you use your shoes.

De-Yellow Process

Well the best possible solution is getting your shoes De-Yellow by SteamPress Laundry Service. The process included getting your shoes cleaned and removing dirt from the soles, followed by the De-Yellowing process. Once the desired results are achieved the soles are rewashed to remove the de-yellow solution. After a good detailing cleaning from the Finishing Department. The shoes are checked, if required a quote of white leather paint is applied if the shoes are a bit to old.


The entire process from the time of pickup to delivery will take us 4-5 days.


Cleaning and De-Yellow process will cost you Rs 560/- for a single pair (Excluding Pickup and Delivery)

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