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Finest Bag Cleaning and Repair Services in Mumbai and Pune

Home repair does not always work! Let professionals work on your bag and restore it.


Every bag’s conditions are unique and No matter how damaged and worn out your bag is, we can fix it.


We perform bag cleaning and repair that brings it back to its original state --- inside out.

SteamPress Handbag Cleaning Service in Mumbai

We have exclusive offers that provide a range of benefits for you.

Get 2 bags cleaned at only Rs 899 including the pickup and delivery charges! (Additional Express delivery charges may apply)

Use Code : SteamPressFamily

Why SteamPress?  

Hassle-free fast pickup and delivery

We provide pickup service over many different areas of Mumbai and Pune city and we arrive fast at the place. After cleaning and repair are complete, we deliver your bag back to you.

Express delivery in case of urgency

In case of any urgency, we also have Express delivery available. With only some extra charge, you can get your cleaned and restored bag within very less time with no compromise on the quality.

Pay according to your convenience

We accept payment both in terms of Cash and Gpay. You can pay in the medium that suits you the most and also, we receive payment only after delivering your bag back to you.

Brown Luggage

Types of bags we clean?

We are able to work with a range of bags and also aware of the intricacies of all brands. We use the most appropriate technique for your kind of bag for restoration.


The types of bags we clean include:




Luggage bags

Trekking Bags

Laptop Bags

Duffle Bags

Berkin Bags


Book Via Whatsapp

You can catch us live on WhatsApp. Whenever you need service, just ping us!


Contact us now and get your bags restored!

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Ishita Singh

This service is really really really good. I didn't even expect my shoes to come out this clean very honestly. Have a look at the pictures! I also gave a leather big purse and a bagpack both of which were really clean as well. Thank you so much guys! I had been struggling to get a cleaning service for such items and this is just what I needed. Thanks again. Give it a try, their prices are also better compared to other service providers and they gave all three items within 3 days.


10/10 recommended.




Super efficient and prompt service.
Had given shoes and bag for laundry.
They are reasonable, fast and efficient.

Extremely impressed with the service

Was quite relieved to find that there is a place which will wash my shoes. I’ve availed their services multiple times. My shoes and bag look like brand new each time they come back from steam press.


Their service is quick yet very effective.

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