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Will my leather shoes get spoilt if I send it for cleaning ?

Formal shoes are a must in a man’s wardrobe. Unlike casual sneakers formal shoes don’t look dirty and are usually polished to make them look sparkling.

Formal shoes are make of pure leather hide or PU Leather and tend to get scratched and get out of shape with regular use. Getting the shoes professionally cleaned and polish by SteamPress Laundry will help you maintain your shoes.


After receiving the shoes at SteamPress Laundry, our team will inspect the shoes for scratches, signs of discolouration and any tear , especially at the front of the shoes. After which the before pictures will be send to you, with a detailed quote and delivery date.

The Process

The leather shoes gets a good brushing to remove the dirt and then a special leather foam is used to completely remove the dirt and the layers of polished that has been previously applied. Exposing the scratches and cracks. After which a perfect colour match is done with wax and dye. Keeping the original colour in mind.

Before applying the mixture on the shoes, the colour was tested on a small part of the shoe to ensure that we achieved the perfect colour match. The colour was then applied to the shoes with sponges that are gentle on the leather and they also help to create a uniform finish.

Once the colour had been applied to one of the shoes, it took around 15 minutes for the leather to absorb all the colour. To check the result, the shoes are buffed with a fine cotton cloth to confirm that the shoes have properly absorbed the colour. This process is repeated to give the shoes a perfect uniform tone. After which a final conditioning is done.


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