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Mumbai’s First Shoe Donation Drive #DonateAPair

Steam Press Laundry Service founded by Jonah Joseph and Rahul Gupta on Dec, 2016. Launched its shoe laundry service on Feb, 2018. The two founders were pretty impressed with the growth of the shoe laundry service and have now decided to launch a non profitable initiative .

Mumbai’s First Shoe Donation Drive.

This may sound very strange, but the idea is simple. You have a pair of shoes you want to discard, so rather throwing it in the garbage. You send it to us, we will process it and we will donate it for you - Jonah Joseph

Steam Press will pass the shoes through a repair and clean up stage. And once the shoes are all ready and looks perfect the shoes will be donated.

We want to keep the entire process transparent, from the time of pickup to who, where and when the shoe was donated will be communicated to the customer. The customer will also be able to view the before and after pictures. - Rahul Gupta

Steam Press wont be teaming up with any NGO’s or any kind of organizations, the donation will depend the request we receive and the type of shoe we are donating.

The idea is still at the initial stage, but Jonah believes in making a small change one step at a time.

If you are interested in donating a pair , just fill the form and we will guide you through the donation process.

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