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Reliable Shoe Cleaning and repair service that has served over 15,000 customers!

Shoes can get up to 2x more lifetime if maintained properly. Keeping its lifetime aside, a clean shoe enhances your overall look!


Shoes’ durability can be doubled if maintained properly. Keeping its lifetime aside, a clean shoe enhances your overall look!


We provide professional shoe cleaning and repair services that extend all over Mumbai and Pune

Steampress Features

No Advance Payment

We take payment only when our work is complete and we hand over the restored shoe to you. You can pay us either by cash or Gpay too!


After initial analysis, we begin the process only through your approval. This ensures that our process is transparent and you are in control!

Pickup and delivery

We cover a lot of areas in Mumbai and Pune, our pickup service arrives in earnest to pick your gear. After the shoe clearing is complete, we deliver it back to you.

Express Delivery

If you are in rush hour, don’t worry! We are completely equipped for express delivery within 1 day. Extra charges apply. 

This increase in speed won't affect the quality of work we do! No matter what the case, the quality is going to be the best.



Our premium service is well worth every rupee you expend on it.


Our normal delivery charges … for one pair. You can also avail of Express delivery service if your need is urgent. While the charges may increase, the quality won't decrease!


What’s more, we would provide various weekly offers that benefit our customers in many ways! So, stay tuned.


Add on Service

SteamPress Nano Protect

Protecting your shoes

SteamPress DeYellow Service

De-Yellow Shoes

SteamPress Heel Tip Repair

Minor repair

Make your shoes sturdy enough for all your rides. We apply Nano Protect Coating that keeps your shoe safe from water spills !

No longer your shoe needs to lose their charm to yellowness. With our De-Yellowing service, you can get your shoes restored!

Our goal is to perfectly restore your shoe. We repair even minor deviations from perfections including sole and heel replacements.

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Denver D'Souza

Excellent services - I submitted 7 pairs and they are SPARKLING clean and wrapped in good packaging. Lovely fragrance as well and all spots have been removed.


Thank you so much for your service!!

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Neeti Mahadevan

Gave 3 pairs of sports shoes here for cleaning, 2 of which were post a trail run which made it all the more dirty. The shoes have come back in excellent condition and are spotlessly clean.


Extremely happy with the service

Areeb Imam

Got 8 pairs of shoes dry cleaned by them and what can I say. Top notch service. Kudos to everyone involved from pickup to cleaning to delivery.


Gotta say the shoes look so clean I don’t even want to wear it.

Book Via Whatsapp

Booking our service is very easy! Just come to our Whatsapp chat and schedule a pickup..!


Ready to get your perfect shining shoe? Schedule your pickup!

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