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Top 5 things to look for in a shoe cleaning service.

People who are keen to wear the highest quality shoes, also try to keep them well maintained. Therefore, they prefer hiring experienced cleaning and repair services for their possessions. Although you may find many shoe laundry service providers in the city, it is not possible to leave your expensive shoes with any inexperienced person.

Well, the best recommendations from experts for shoe laundry service in Mumbai is SteamPress. These trained professionals are serving big celebrities and top business houses in Mumbai for the past three years with their reliable and professional shoe laundry services. They have a very enthusiastic team of experts who can restore your precious shoes.

There are so many reasons to consider SteamPress for proper maintenance, cleaning, and care of your footwear. A few of them are listed below to boost your knowledge base:


Hassle-Free Delivery and Pickup

Mumbai is a busy city where people rarely find time to handle their routine chores. When you are too occupied in multiple meetings a day, it will be difficult to go to the laundry service on your own. Don’t worry! The professionals at SteamPress shoe cleaning service are ready to help you with hassle-free pick-up and delivery. You can avail of their services all over Mumbai on one call.

Reasonable Cost of Service

Some of you might be worried about the cost of shoe cleaning in Mumbai. The great news is that SteamPress shoe laundry services are available at a very reasonable price. You can avail of cleaning for a causal pair at Rs. 360/- whereas cleaning for leather shoes is available at Rs 450/-. You can ensure high-quality cleaning of your expensive shoes within this cost.

Weekly Offers

Who doesn’t like to grab some offers for the routine services? When you have multiple pairs of expensive shoes and need to send them to laundry time and again, it is always fascinating to receive some discounts. You will be happy to hear that SteamPress laundry service providers offer weekly offers for laundry of more than 2-3 pairs. You can also grab these special discounts on frequent shoe cleaning.

Fast turnaround time

SteamPressoffers a fast turnaround time for all your shoe cleaning needs. You can get back your shoes just within three days. However, the best part is that SteamPress professionals are also ready to offer Express Delivery services. You can book an urgent delivery of your favorite pair of shoes to get ready for the next party or business meeting.

Pay after delivery

The professionals at SteamPress laundry service follow highly professional etiquettes to deal with the customers. They offer a pay after delivery option to build a higher trust base in the market. Moreover, you can pay in cash or offer payments online through the GPay app. This option ensures higher reliability on the service providers.

Now you have gone through the top benefits of hiring SteamPress Shoe Laundry Services. It is good to hire these professionals for all your shoe cleaning needs.


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